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Providing your billing verification details

Posted by / Apr 15, 2016 / Categories: Billing

Occasionally our billing team may ask for extra payment verification to prove you own the card you paid with.

Please don’t take such a request personally, but sometimes we just need to check!

To prove ownership of your payment card, please provide a scan / photo of the card, ensuring for security reasons you block out the card number EXCEPT the last 4 digits. Here’s an example of what it’ll look like:


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Changes to my.BHost and service suspensions

Posted by / Jun 10, 2015 / Categories: BHost News

We’re always working hard to make our service and systems better to better serve our customers. We’re happy to announce some changes to my.BHost, making it more modern, clean and easy to use…
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Introducing the Help Center

Posted by / Sep 10, 2014 / Categories: BHost News

We’ve been seeking out ways to better serve our customers, and today we launch our new Support Center at

We’re going to populate it with useful articles suitable for Linux novices to extreme experts.

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Update to our Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Posted by / Jul 25, 2014 / Categories: BHost News, Terms & Conditions Changes

Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) has changed.

We’re confident the likelihood of a claim under our SLA is very slim, as we put so much effort towards ensuring our systems and services are extremely reliable and resilient.

Nevertheless, we’ve decided to make a small change to the BHost SLA.

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Forthcoming server move: how we’ll be moving

Posted by / Jul 23, 2014 / Categories: BHost News, Planned Maintenance

Our UK customers have already been informed of our forthcoming server move – we’ll be moving all our UK-based servers from Maidenhead to London Docklands.

Our new TeleCity data centre will allow us to improve our range of services but above all gives us access to a large number of carriers and peering points.

Our chosen logistics partner for this move is SunSpeed Transport Services. If you’d like to know more about how the servers will be physically moved with the utmost care and security, check out this video:

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Important changes for UK VPS customers

Posted by / Jun 30, 2014 / Categories: BHost News, Planned Maintenance / 9 Comments

Summary: if you’re a UK VPS customer your IP address(es) will be changing on 27th July 2014. You’ll need to update any affected configurations and DNS records.

Due to a significant increase in costs from our main UK supplier (RapidSwitch) we have made the decision to move all our UK VPS customers to a new data centre.

We will be moving all servers from RapidSwitch (in Maidenhead) to a TeleCity data centre in the London Docklands. Customers hosted in our Amsterdam data centre are not affected by this transition.

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Welcome to the new BHost

Posted by / May 3, 2014 / Categories: BHost News

A very warm welcome to the new BHost. In some ways, nothing has changed. We’ll still be providing the fantastic levels of service you’ve been used to. Our infrastructure will continue to be rock-solid as ever. But we felt it was time for a refresh of our brand and a few aspects of our service.

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