Introducing our new partnership with Cloudflare

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BHost is excited to announce our new partnership with Cloudflare, the website performance and security company.

Cloudflare is a content delivery network (CDN) that increases the performance and security of every website on its network, protecting against a broad range of threats and attacks. Over 6,000,000 websites run on the Cloudflare network—ranging from individual blogs to e-commerce sites to the websites of Fortune 500 companies to national governments. Cloudflare powers almost a trillion monthly page views—more than Amazon, Wikipedia, Twitter, Zynga, AOL, Apple, Bing, eBay, PayPal and Instagram combined. Nearly every single IP address on the internet regularly connects to websites through the Cloudflare network.

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare increases the speed and security of a website. It protects and speeds up web (HTTP and HTTPS) traffic.

If you’re hosting a website on BHost (or any other hosting platform) you can make it fast, secure, and reliable by deploying Cloudflare in-front of the website.

How does it work?

Cloudflare runs 118 data centers strategically located around the world. After you set up Cloudflare, visitors to your website actually hit the nearest Cloudflare data center – this is where the Cloudflare service kicks in.

As the visitor’s request passes through the nearest Cloudflare data center, the request goes through several layers as follows:

– SSL termination (for HTTPS traffic only)
– security check to protect against DDOS attacks
– Web Application Firewall (WAF) check to protect your website from security vulnerabilities
– caching layer – which stores the static content of your website on Cloudflare’s servers to deliver them faster to users

After going through all these layers, Cloudflare then connects to the webserver to serve the web request to the visitor as normal.

Enhance Security

Because Cloudflare has such a massive global footprint, it also acts as a security layer protecting your site from attacks like distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. In fact, Cloudflare has experienced and mitigated some of the largest DDoS attacks ever seen.

Cloudflare’s security service offers a broad range of protections against attacks such as DDoS, hacking or spamming. The system analyzes the traffic patterns of hundreds of millions of visitors in real time and adapts the security systems to ensure good traffic gets through and bad traffic never reaches your web server.

Signing Up

Any website can deploy Cloudflare and signing up is easy.

Existing BHost customers can login to my.BHost to get started, or if you’re new to BHost create your account to get started today.

There are four service levels available, starting from free going up to an enterprise-class solution suitable for major websites. Find out more at

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