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Providing your billing verification details

Posted by / Apr 15, 2016 / Categories: Billing

Occasionally our billing team may ask for extra payment verification to prove you own the card you paid with.

Please don’t take such a request personally, but sometimes we just need to check!

To prove ownership of your payment card, please provide a scan / photo of the card, ensuring for security reasons you block out the card number EXCEPT the last 4 digits. Here’s an example of what it’ll look like:


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

How to pay with BitCoin

Posted by / Apr 10, 2016 / Categories: Billing

BHost is no longer accepting payments via BitCoin. Please pay using our other payment options:

PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express

Introduction to BHost billing

Posted by / Oct 7, 2015 / Categories: Billing

When you order a new service, you can pay with:

We accept PayPal     We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex

When ordering, you can select monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual billing. You get 10% discount when paying half-yearly and 20% discount when paying annually.

Two weeks before your service is due to renew, we’ll email you an invoice. You can login to my.BHost to pay the invoice with a card or PayPal.

If you don’t pay, we’ll suspend your service 7 day after the invoice due date. If you still don’t pay, we’ll delete your service 90 days after the invoice due date.

If you don’t want to arrange a payment manually each billing period (e.g. each month) you can enable Auto-Charge for your service(s). This allows us to charge your card automatically.

Save money – increase your billing period (e.g. enjoy a 20% discount by paying annually). Please log a ticket with accounts and we can arrange it.

Enable Auto-Charge for your services

Posted by / Oct 7, 2015 / Categories: Billing

When you order a new service from BHost, we’ll send you an invoice for that service 2 weeks before the renewal date.

You can login to my.BHost to manually pay the invoice using a card or PayPal.

If you prefer, you can avoid having to login each billing cycle by enabling Auto-Charge. This means we can charge your credit or debit card automatically on the invoice due date.

To enable Auto-Charge:

1. Manage your payment card details at including which card should be considered your default card.

3. Return to your list of services at

4. Find the billing details for your service by clicking “Details”:

5. You can then select whether that service should have auto-bill disabled, set to the default card, or a specific card:

5. We’ll automatically charge your chosen method on the invoice due date (e.g. if your service is monthly, your invoice due date would be the service anniversary date). We’ll send you a confirmation email after every charge.