Enterprise DNS Hosting

Our enterprise DNS solution is designed for businesses that need a highly available DNS service, with secure and fully accountable change management.

Traditionally DNS providers let you manage your zone (DNS settings) through a control panel, often making access control and change approval a nightmare.

With BHost’s Enterprise DNS service, your DNS zone files are managed entirely through Github or your choice of version control repository. This means you can define who in your organization can manage the zone files, and allows you to define an appropriate approval process for changes. Furthermore, you’ll have full version history with easy rollback in case of problems.

How does it work?

BHost’s DNS servers will regularly synchronize your zone files to our own DNS infrastructure. We’ll then start serving your zone from multiple BHost datacenters using anycast, meaning in the unlikely event one data center has a problem, your DNS will continue to be served from another.

Finally, we use DNS Firewall service in-front of our infrastructure to provide:

– high resiliency against DDOS attack
– high performance DNS resolution and caching globally

Global Network

Your DNS will be served from 116 data center locations around the world.
This ensures the fastest possible resolution times as well as high levels of resiliency.

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