Our Infrastructure

We’re committed to providing an enterprise-level service you can rely on. We dedicate significant resources towards service hardening and resiliency to ensure unbeatable uptime. To give you added confidence, we’re happy to offer a generous SLA in the unlikely event our service falls short.

Data Center Locations 

Map of our data center locations

Fremont, CA, USA:

Facility: Hurricane Electric Fremont 2
Looking Glass: LG-US1.BHost.net
Download Test: 10MB / 100MB
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2a06:1c80:1:111::111

London 1, UK:

Facility: Digital Realty Meridian Gate
Looking Glass: LG-UK1.BHost.net
Download Test: 10MB / 100MB
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2a04:ad80:1:111::111

Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Facility: Equinix AM5
Looking Glass: LG-NL1.BHost.net
Download Test: 10MB / 100MB
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2a04:ad80:0:111::111

London 2, UK:

Facility: Digital Realty, Sovereign House
Looking Glass: LG-UK1.BHost.net
Download Test: 10MB / 100MB
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2a04:ad80:1:111::111

Quality Data Centers 

We carefully select our data center partners based not on price but service quality alone. All our services are hosted in ISO accredited world-class high-availability data center with:

  • 24-hour on-site security staff and comprehensive CCTV / intrusion detection
  • Physical access control to datafloor and individual racks
  • A+B power feeds, UPS backup and on-site generator with at least one day run time and refuelling SLA
  • Very Early Smoke Detection and Alarm (VESDA) and gas fire suppression system
  • Fully resilient air conditioning

Guided tours of our facilities are available by appointment. Please contact our sales team.

Our Amsterdam data center

A Juniper Router

Our Network – AS60011

BHost’s multi-homed network (AS60011) utilises the latest Cisco and Juniper technologies. For resiliency, we operate geographically separated core routers.

Our transit mix includes numerous tier-1 and tier-2 carriers, ensuring excellent global visibility and plenty of backup capacity in case of any single point of failure. We buy transit from NTT, GTT, Hurricane Electric, Cogent and IX-Reach. We peer at AMS-IX in Amsterdam and LINX in London.

We’re proudly IPv6 ready and customers can ensure their services are future-proof with free, unlimited IPv6 allocations.

In terms of overall capacity, our global network has a combined maximum throughput of 240 Gbps. Connectivity between servers and our core network uses bonded 10 Gbps ethernet.

We operate an open peering policy.

Reliable Servers

All our services operate on quality BHost-owned and operated Dell servers to ensure we have full control of hardware life-cycles and maintenance.

We are an accredited Dell partner meaning our staff receive specific training from Dell, allowing us to optimize our hardware operations for stability and reliability.

All servers run dual power supplies for ultimate resiliency. Storage is based on multiple high-performance SANs ensuring customers enjoy outstanding disk performance. Our backup platform runs GlusterFS to ensure the safety of your data through a distributed storage network.

Server photo