High quality servers, amazing support and brilliant value for money. Having moved from another VPS company to BHost, I wondered why I didn’t make the switch months ago. BHost’s VPS servers are some of the fastest and most responsive that I have seen in a long time. This followed by BHost’s amazing support, make them a company that I will be staying with for the foreseeable future.
– Tavis Booth

After some years with shared hosting I was looking for a VPS to move all my clients to. I was looking for three things: speed, reliability and low-cost and they have it all. Thanks to BHost for making it possible, so that I can grow my business with great uptime and service.
– Flamur Mavraj – OXODesign

I’ve had a VPS with you for a year with no faults.
– Michael Anderson

BHost have been prompt, personal and professional in all my dealings with them. My VPS has been very stable and reliable. The only downtime was during a scheduled maintenance window, notice of which was given well in advance. I’ve recommend BHost to family and friends, and will continue to do so into the future.
– Michael Warburton

I was recommended BHost as a reliable source for our hosting requirements and they have not let Function28 down. If ever there are issues they are quick to respond, pricing is good and the service base they offer is ever expanding… Keep up the good work.
– Russ Murch, Function 28 Ltd
Function28 are a digital marketing agency based in South West England. They provide web site design/development, branding, marketing, SEO and social media services to all size business concerns. They came to BHost seeking high-uptime Linux servers for development and hosting purposes.

No competition in my opinion – BHost all the way. I’ve had two VPS with them for a long time and have no complaints. Straightforward and reliable.
– Slowdive [source]

I’ve got a Xen machine with BHost, It’s part of an nginx cluster that I’m making and it’s a very reliable little VPS
– Edward [source]

Support is some of the best I have experienced.
– Shane D

I’m very satisfied with the overall performance of my VPS. Great value for this service.
– Evangelos T

Thank you. It seems your customer service is as helpful and pleasing as your hosting service!
– Neil B

Uptime, stability and value for money are better than I could have imagined.
– James McMinn

After 15 years online, I’ve honestly never had dealings with a better hosting company, and recommend BHost to friends tiring of poor service elsewhere.
– Steve Anderson – Irregular Shed

I’m extremely impressed by the service and support at, and the quality of my VPS is fantastic. Great power and great value. Highly recommended.
– Anthony – pr3fatum ignis

BHost responded to my questions very quickly, usually within the hour. They were very helpful and reliable, and their employees are always willing to help.
– Aaron Brouard –

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