Enable Auto-Charge for your services

Posted by / Oct 7, 2015 / Categories: Billing

When you order a new service from BHost, we’ll send you an invoice for that service 2 weeks before the renewal date.

You can login to my.BHost to manually pay the invoice using a card or PayPal.

If you prefer, you can avoid having to login each billing cycle by enabling Auto-Charge. This means we can charge your credit or debit card automatically on the invoice due date.

To enable Auto-Charge:

1. Manage your payment card details at https://my.bhost.net/billing/cards including which card should be considered your default card.

3. Return to your list of services at https://my.bhost.net/services

4. Find the billing details for your service by clicking “Details”:

5. You can then select whether that service should have auto-bill disabled, set to the default card, or a specific card:

5. We’ll automatically charge your chosen method on the invoice due date (e.g. if your service is monthly, your invoice due date would be the service anniversary date). We’ll send you a confirmation email after every charge.

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