How to use the BHost nameservers

Posted by / Nov 3, 2015 / Categories: DNS

To read an in-depth article about DNS and how it works, read our Introduction to DNS.

1. Set your domain’s nameservers to and – to do this you’ll need to contact the domain registrar where you registered the domain.

2. Login to your BHost account at

3. From the Services menu, select Manage DNS:


4. You can now add the domain name to our DNS system. In this case we’ll add


5. You’ll get confirmation the domain is added, and you can then click Manage to manage the DNS records for that particular domain:


6. You can then add various types of DNS records (see our longer guide for an explanation of what the various records are for):


7. If, for example, you wanted to point to the IP address you could add an A record as follows:


(only type in www rather than the whole domain)

8. Once added, you’ll get confirmation:


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