10 Tips for New Customers

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Well done, you’ve successfully deployed a new virtual machine with BHost Cloud. Here are 10 useful tips for new users:

1. Please keep your contact details up to date in my.BHost… if we can’t contact you, we can’t let you know about problems with billing, your credit card expiring, scheduled maintenance and other important updates.

2. For DNS resolvers, you may wish to use…

Cloudflare DNS:,
Google DNS:,
(why not use a mixture of the three services?)

3. If you ever need to build a new VM, just login to my.BHost, select “My Services” and then “New Virtual Machine”.

4. Your data is stored on RAID 10 storage arrays. Nevertheless, we highly recommend you take regular backups of your data as we accept no responsibility for any losses incurred.

5. Follow us on Twitter for service status alerts and other important information. Bookmark our service status page status.BHost.net – for future reference.

6. Remember to keep your virtual machines secure – there are bad people out there constantly seeking to exploit your machine. Always use complex passwords, which include letters, numbers and special characters. We’ve had customers set their root password to “password123″ just for a couple of minutes, and they’ve been hacked very quickly. Anything relating to dictionary words or your pet’s name will not do. A good password looks like this:


Strong password requirements apply to both your my.BHost password and your virtual machines’ root passwords. Use a strong password generator such as passwordsgenerator.net.

7. Further lock down security. There are several more ways you can seek to minimise the potential threat of your virtual machine being maliciously hacked:

  • Configuring iptables firewall rules to ensure only the necessary services are externally accessible – why not restrict SSH to your office IP address for example?
  • Allowing SSH access only by public key authentication [Guide]
  • blacklisting or rate-limiting SSH login attempts with iptables rules or software such as DenyHosts

8. If you want to use your service for outbound email, please read our Outbound Email Policy. We’re committed to preventing spam originating from our network.

9. Please review our Introduction to BHost Billing – if you’d like us to charge your card automatically each month, please enable auto-charge for your service(s).

10. Browse our support pages at www.BHost.net/support – we’ve got all sorts of useful tutorials and guides to making the most from your virtual machine. Remember we’re always here to help. If you get stuck at any time, just log a ticket on my.BHost or email support@BHost.net

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