I can’t connect to my VPS

Posted by / Jan 27, 2016 / Categories: Getting Started

Firstly, please check our service status page. If we are already aware of an issue, there is no need to contact us; you can be assured our technical team are working hard to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

If there are no known issues, please make the following checks before contacting our support team.

1. Have you enabled a firewall or shut down any services meaning you can’t connect to the virtual machine? What other recent changes have you made on the VPS which might have caused this? Have you incorrectly edited any network configuration on the machine?

2. Have you tried connecting to the VPS through the console? If you experience a problem connecting to your VPS via SSH (e.g. because of a configuration issue with the network or SSH server), then you can make use of the console login to access your machine and correct any issues. The console behaves as if you were physically plugged into the machine. This is accessible in the control panel by pressing the “Console” or “VNC” button for your virtual machine.

3. Have you tried connecting from another computer or location? It might be that a firewall on your local machine or local network is preventing you from accessing your VM. Can you ping the machine with an external service such as network-tools.com? You can also test connectivity between your network and BHost using our looking glass service.

4. Have you logged into the my.BHost and tried rebooting your machine? Are you out of disk space or memory which might cause the machine to crash / fail to boot? If so, you need to consider upgrading your package so let us know what package you’d like to upgrade to.

When contacting us, please include as much supporting information as possible – a ping test, traceroute, and MTR are a good starting point so we can rule out any network issues.

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