Special VPS Services

Your own IP space

BHost can announce your prefixes on our AS (AS60011) and make these available to you on one or more virtual private servers across any of our data center locations.

BGP to your VPS

We can provide a full BGP session to one or more virtual private servers, and you can thus announce your own prefixes from the VPS.

Anycast VPS

Anycast VPS allows you to run virtual machines in multiple BHost data centers (Fremont, London, Amsterdam) with the same public IP address. Traffic from around the world will always route to the nearest data center.

In the unlikely event one data center has a failure (e.g. network or power issues), traffic gets automatically routed to the other data center before it even reaches BHost’s network. This means you can distribute services like DNS or load balancers across multiple locations to provide excellent uptime.

High bandwidth VPS

We can offer VPS services with 10Gbps ports (both metered and unmetered) – ideal for streaming and high bandwidth applications.

Private Interconnect

For certain applications, private interconnection between our autonomous system (AS60011) and your network may be appropriate. This can be achieved through physical direct connections, over an internet exchange point (IXP) or via a tunnel (e.g. VPN / GRE).

Find out more

All the above services are subject to custom pricing. Please contact sales@BHost.net to discuss your exact requirements.